FirstPass is Changing the Way you Screen and Decide which Multifamily Properties You Underwrite

redIQ is officially, officially releasing the full version of FirstPass, formerly known as QuickVal. This back-of-the-envelope valuation tool will allow you to gain a fast but accurate first look at a property’s value, saving you valuable time and making you even more money. That's not all, this feature is available for all of our redIQ platform users, so there's no on-boarding needed.


Who benefits from FirstPass?

Multifamily Investors

In today’s economy investors more than ever need their analysts to be able to screen more deals in order to determine which ones warrant a full underwriting. You’re looking for that diamond in the rough. You know your assumptions, you know what IRR you need to meet. Now with redIQ, any time you need to perform a quick screen of a deal all you need to do is upload the rent rolls and operating statements, and instantly that data syncs to FirstPass, where you can adjust any assumptions as necessary and receive an immediate valuation.



Imagine this scenario. You’re on a Zoom call with a client, who sends you a set of property financials and asks you for a BOV as soon as possible. Time is of the essence. You forward them to your analyst, who uploads the data into redIQ while you continue the strategy session with your client. In just a few minutes you get a message from the analyst. It’s ready to go. You deliver a BOV to your client right there on the call, just minutes after he or she sent you the docs. It's exactly that kind of delivery that wants that builds loyalty and trust in your relationships, why your client will want to stay with you for years to come.


What next?

If you are interested in signing up for redIQ and becoming a FirstPass user, complete the form at the right and someone will contact you to schedule a demo. We look forward to hearing from you.


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