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Since 2012, redIQ has accelerated and improved the analysis and underwriting of multifamily transactions for our users. Our ability to innovate stems from our close relationship with our clients and the feedback we receive from them. In fact, client feedback inspired our latest feature, Preset Assumptions. With this feature, users can create assumption templates for different deal types. This standardizes the assumptions a team uses, removes the tedium of assumption input into every deal, and reduces the risk of input error. To learn more about how preset assumptions can fit into your workflow, or to hear the many other reasons why six of the top 10 acquisitions teams and eight of the top 10 brokerages use redIQ, request a demo today! 


Preset Assumptions allows our clients to:

  • Create assumption sets that will prepopulate their Excel model
  • Ensure consistency by standardizing their assumptions
  • Use the Preset Assumptions sets across all their deals

Who We Are

redIQ gives multifamily investors, brokers, and lenders a competitive advantage by accelerating and simplifying the underwriting process. Whether you process thousands of rent rolls a year or only a few a week, redIQ will help you standardize property financials, detect anomalies, and provide you with high-quality graphs and charts. You can also rely on redIQ’s proprietary Excel-based underwriting model to get you from basic processing to complete underwriting in less than 30 minutes. Screen more deals, bid on more deals, and close more deals with redIQ.

redIQ’s most popular features include:

  • Upload, clean, and analyze rent rolls instantaneously
  • Build a repository of hyperlocal, data-based comp sets
  • Spread and map operating statements with mere clicks
  • Standardize your chart of accounts automatically
  • Produce powerful, Excel-based underwriting models
  • And so much more!

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