There is a Better Way.
With QuickSync.

Have you ever taken the time to think about just how many deals you have screened? How many rent rolls and operating statements you have labored over to bring into your underwriting model? How many hours you have spent on the tedious work that stands in the way of the essential analysis you have to do in order to feel confident in a bid you are going to place on a property, or a BOV you will deliver to your client? What if there was a better way?

Enter QuickSync

QuickSync is an Excel add-in that instantaneously populates your proprietary model with the data you have stored in redIQ. It takes five minutes for redIQ to process and standardize your property financials. You’ll likely spend another 20 minutes doing an initial screening in redIQ – poring over insights like loss-to-lease burnoff and leasing trends and building out hyperlocal comp sets. Then you’ll head to your model, click the red button that now sits on your Excel ribbon, blink your eyes, and open them to discover a freshly populated model. In as little as 30 minutes you’ll have gone from raw data to a pro forma that is ready for you to adjust any assumptions as needed. Any template. Any platform. It just works. Fast.

QuickSync allows you to:

  • Reduce friction points for an easier, more efficient workflow
  • Improve version control and minimize the risk of human error
  • Build repositories of data-based, hyperlocal comp sets
  • Continue to use of the model that you know and love
  • Populate Fannie and Freddie models seamlessly
  • Underwrite with redIQ whether you use Mac, PC, or Microsoft Excel online

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