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redIQ gives multifamily investors, brokers, and lenders a competitive advantage by accelerating and simplifying the underwriting process. Our platform processes rent rolls and operating statements in any format, standardizes them according to your own chart of accounts, and detects anomalies, all in as little as five minutes. redIQ then provides a comprehensive suite of analytics and insights that help you better understand the value of a property, including floor plan summaries, hyperlocal, data-based comp sets, lease expiration schedules and renovation status, historical cash flows and revenue analysis, and so much more.


This is just the beginning of what redIQ has to offer. After the deal has been analyzed, it is then prepared for underwriting – and redIQ offers two powerful options to put you in the best position to determine whether or not to place a bid, and gives you the confidence that you have valued a deal correctly when you do.



redIQ offers our own institutional-grade, Excel-based underwriting model called valuationIQ. Our model automatically incorporates operating data uploaded into redIQ, and allows users to factor in their own assumptions, such as cap-rate sensitivities, projected impact of value-add improvements, etc., in order to generate a clear look into a property’s potential worth. With just the click of a button, valuationIQ guarantees a streamlined multifamily underwriting process for you and your team.


With valuationIQ our clients are able to:


  • Generate a fast and powerful underwriting model that delivers trustworthy results with the most up-to-date data

  • Maintain tight integration with Excel and export any data from the platform with just one click

  • Examine multiple underwriting scenarios based on a user’s own assumption

  • valuationIQ implements best practices from leading firms by incorporating input from more than 300 leading multifamily professionals


For users who prefer to use their own proprietary pro forma, redIQ offers a seamless solution to integrate their data from redIQ into their model.QuickSync is an Excel add-in that lives right on your Excel ribbon and allows you to auto-populate your model with the data you have saved in redIQ – instantaneously with a mere click of a button.QuickSync ensures a streamlined, accurate underwriting process and allows you to reap all the benefits of redIQ’s insights with the speedy and powerful valuation that makes redIQ the leader in multifamily deal analytics and underwriting.


With QuickSync our clients are able to:

  • Reduce friction points and facilitate an easier workflow

  • Improve version control and minimize the risk of human error

  • Build repositories of data-based, hyperlocal comp sets

  • Continue to use of the models they know and are confident in

  • Populate Fannie and Freddie models seamlessly
  • Use whether they are on Mac, PC, or Microsoft Excel online!

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